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Accounting and bookkeeping Buchhaltung und bilanzierung БУХГАЛТЕРСКИЕ Računovodstvo RAČUNOVODSTVENE USLUGE Сметководствени услуги SERVIZI DI CONTABILITÀ Accounting services

Grants are intended for companies looking for additional financial help for the realization of their research and development projects and expansion to foreign markets. 

Replika team offers companies a comprehensive range of services related to the acquisition of grants: from finding the right tender to preparation of required documentation and subsequent administrative financial management of operations. As this is substantial funding that a company is allocated from the EU or Slovenian funds and does not need to be returned, it represents a reduction in funding from equity and/or debt financing sources and a less risky realization of business ideas and projects.

Grants are intended to promote specific economic activities and increase competitiveness, as well as represent an additional source of funding for the organization as a whole or its individual projects.

For more information, please write to info@replika.si or call +386 (0)1 422 88 77.

Replika offers foreign investors the service of penetrating Slovenian market either by establishing a company in Slovenia or acquiring an existing company in Slovenia. 

Slovenia is becoming a more and more attractive European country for the entry of foreign investors in the Slovenian market and is constantly improving the competitive environment for various companies. Due to its geopolitical location, it is the perfect link between the east and the west, thus offering many business opportunities. Our consultants can help you prepare a business and financial plan for the realization of your investment.

In addition to the classic entry into the market through establishment or acquisition of a company, in Replika, we also provide foreign investors with conslulting and expert help in acquiring companies or parts of companies in bankruptcy or merely with the portfolio of investments into successful Slovene companies. We combine accounting, tax, real estate, financial and legal consulting can therefore provide a full and quality range of services in just one place. 

For more information, please write to info@replika.si or call +386 (0)1 422 88 77.


Foreigners are offered information regarding the situation on the real estate market in Slovenia and all necessary real estate and legal services related to real estate investments. 

Slovenia is the right choice for buying a house or a second home in the heart of the Alps, among mountain lakes and rivers, on Pannonian Plain, near spas, littoral vineyards, near the coast or in the capital city of Ljubljana. Slovenia has an exceptional climate, rich and preserved nature and abundant water resources, at the crossroads of many tourist destinations and cities.

As a safe, regulated, green and clean country, Slovenia is also attractive for investments in real estate for corporate purposes. In the heart of Europe, between the easet and the west, it is the perfect location for renting or buying of industrial, corporate or agency business facilities.

We offer foreigners all necessary real estate and legal services in one place. For selected clients, we serve as agents in real estate transactions. The service is intended for customers and investors who are looking for or selling real estate, while seeking discreet, comprehensive and high-quality turnkey services.

For more information, please write to info@replika.si or call +386 (0)1 422 88 77.

In Replika, we offer investors information regarding real estates being sold at public auctions and a comprehensive support in buying a real estate. 

Buying a real estate at a public auction can be an excellent business and investment opportunity. Our experts follow public auctions of real estates in bankruptcy, execution in the courts and sale of state and municipal entities for our clients, who are offered a comprehensive range of services related to buying of real estates at public auctions: from information on available real estates, checking of the actual and legal state of the real estate, management of the entire buying process and subsequent sale. To the interested clients, we also offer financial and tax consulting related to buying real estates.

Buying of real estate at public auctions demands a thorough knowledge of the situation, local legislation and related legal barriers that could lower the value of the real estate in the future or delay its actual availability (for example, due to the purpose of the real estate, existing tenants, etc.). Therefore, all customers are advised to attain professional help when buying real estate at a public auction.

For buying real estate at a public auction, please write to info@replika.si or call +386 (0)1 422 88 77.


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We offer registration of your company at our business address in Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU), as well as e-consulting.


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    Acquisition of a company in Slovenia (an already established and clean company) enables a fast and easy penetration of the Slovene market and an immediate start of business operations.


    Establishing a company in Slovenia enables you to take advantage of all the benefits appertaining to newly established companies within the EU. The procedure is conducted by Replika consultants.


    Registered office in a particular region can create competitive advantage. Your company office can also be at our business address.


    Choosing the right bank is an important decision for smooth business operations. We offer comprehensive financial consulting, establishment of e-bank and managing communication with the banks.


    Advantages of great companies are hidden in details. We offer companies everything in one place, even making of a company stamp.


    Lawful tax operations and tax savings are a precondition for company success. We offer comprehensive tax consulting, including obtaining of the tax number.


    A foreign company must provide the tax authority with required documentation, so that it can identify as a taxpayer. On client's request, we can prepare all the necessary documents.


    The development of communication tools allows smooth business operations, as you can be virtually present anywhere and at all times. You can accomplish this with our e-accounting and e-banking.


    To work in Slovenia, you do not only need a work permit, but also a residence permit. We arrange all documentation individually and with respect to individual's needs.


    Work permit is the key document for starting business operations in Slovenia. Later on, we can also arrange a residence permit for you.


    Regulated bookkeeping and accounting are key foundations of successful business. In Replika, we have been providing comprehensive accounting services since 2003.


    If the registered office of your company is outside the EU and you perform business in Slovenia, you need a tax agent. Replika is a recognized tax agent for internationally established businesses.


    Foreigners without a permanent residence in European Community (EU) also have the chance to have their VAT reimbursed. In Replika, we arrange tax refund for our clients.


    The rules for accounting VAT on international transactions require good knowledge of tax legislation. In Replika, we provide tax consulting in trilateral transactions.


    Reporting for intrastat is only one of company obligations. Our consultants can relieve taxpayers of this obligation.


    Transfer pricing and proper accounting of taxes may have a significant impact on the profit of your business. In Replika, we can advise you in determining transfer prices.


    Optimition of fiscal balance can significantly lower a company's income tax in a lawful manner. Optimization is offered within Repliak tax consulting.


    Preparation of a business plan which is to be successfully performed demands knowledge of management, finance and law. In Replika, we have both experts and knowledge in one place.


    You are an amazing manager, but have no time or staff to do everything alone? Outsourcing of business services has nowadays become a necessity, as well as competitive advantage.


    Adequate financing of a project is crucial to its success. Our experts offer comprehensive financial consulting in obtaining various sources of funds.


    There exist some great investment projects in need of funding. In Replika, we know which investments have potential.


    Grants can be an important source of additional funding for your project. In Replika, we know the ways and means for obtaining grants.


    Buying real estate or a house in Slovenia demands knowledge of the real estate market and their status. In Replika, we perform all real estate services.


    Buying real estate at a public auction can be an excellent investment opportunity. In our company, we follow all public auctions of real estates in Slovenia.


    Company establishment, company acquisition, employment, terms and conditions contracts of all types. Legal advice from our legal consultant can solve you challenges.


    Business club Replika offers our clients business socializing and exchange of current business information. We invite you to join us.


    Choosing the right business partner is always important for a successful realization of a project. In Replika, we can help you find or check the appropriate business partner.


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